From Face to Face by Gabriel Calvo

„To love is to accept the other as a person and as a whole. Of course, this free decision to accept the other is accompanied by feelings, emotions and sensations. These, however, are secondary to the priority of the decision and to the unconditional acceptance of the spouse.”

„Love is.. good communication. The single most important thing that will make you grow in love is communication. So keep lines of your interpersonal communication open 24 hours a day.”

„Conflicts may be unpleasant, but when handled properly they are a potential for growth and an opportunity to achieve greater intimacy. Conflicts can be just disagreements heated up by anger. So to handle conflicts properly we must deal with anger constructively.”

„The need of loving and being loved is so fundamental that when this need is not met, human existence becomes meaningless, absurd and unbearable. Then pills and/or alcohol enter our lives.”

„For the past few years, Mike and I suffered terribly because of a problem I was having. I had begun to drink heavily, and I was not able to control it. I knew there was something terribly wrong but I hid it from everyone including Mike, because I was fearful, guilty, and felt that I could not live without alcohol.”

„There is an internal self-energy of love within you, waiting to be actualized... What is the key to overcoming all your fears and becoming the unique person you can be and you desire to be? The answer is simple, but not easy: Be honest with yourself!”

„I always did what everyone else thought was right for me. Knowing I’m capable of making decisions for myself is liberating. It’s so different from being concerned about what other people think of me...”

„You cannot know each other, understand each other, or grow in intimacy and love if you don’t practice frequent reconciliation... Because it is only those we love deeply that we can hurt deeply, reconciliation is the necessary first step toward genuine love.”

„Most of today’s married couples seem to give maximum importance to material things – cars, houses, clothing, money etc... God is not seen in the horizon nor in the bottom of their lives. He is eclipsed, or perhaps forgotten, or lost.”

„Marriage without spirituality is like a body without life. This is what marriage spirituality is all about: its life, its spirit, its soul, its deep meaning, its creativity, its transcendental dimension, its sacredness, and its mystery. In one word, its reference to God, the Creator. Spirituality is the most radical need in marriage.”

„Becoming one is God’s dream for each married couple. At the same time it is the innermost longing of every husband and wife. The journey toward total unity is precisely the mysterious process of happiness in marriage and family life.”

„In God’s Plan, marriage is two people created and called to become one, and with God. Therefore, the golden rule could be:
– All that promotes genuine unity between husband and wife and between the married couple and God is in accordance with God’s Vision and Plan.
– All that endangers, hinders or corrupts genuine unity between husband and wife and between the married couple and God is against God’s Vision and Plan.”

„Each encounter with God, through His Living Word, is distinct and unique. Each encounter with God is a deep move from Him – who takes the initiative – to us, by going from His Infiniteness to our limitations, from His Grace to our disgrace, from His Light to our darkness, from His Power to our weakness, from His Love to our selfishness, from His Peace to our anxiety, from His joy to our sadness, from His Happiness to our unhappiness...”

„This has been the first time we have seriously reflected and shared about God’s place in our marriage. We finally found the ’key’ that we were looking for many years ago.”

„Conjugal love, as a living spiral of life and love, is like a fire. It must be spread or it will be extinguished. Therefore, it is very important for you, as a married couple, to consider how you can share your energy of conjugal life and love with others... family members, relatives, friends and neigbours... everybody – especially the poor and needy.”


"God created man and woman to give meaning, life and love to the universe. He created marriage "to His image and likeness", and God is not a circle. He is the spiraling foundation of Life and Love.

The quest for happiness in marriage demands that you expand your vision and perspective beyond your marital relationships. You are challenged by today's society to stop being a selfish and isolated married couple. And you are called by the Creator to depart from your conjugal and family love, and go towards the universal love.

You, as a married couple, have been born to become a loving spiral of love!"

Gabriel Calvo

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