A Guidebook for Engaged Couples
by Gabriel Calvo

This book has been written for young couples. For every young man and woman who wants to encounter themselves and their future spouse. For those who wonder:

– What is the partner really suitable for me like? Have I really found Him/Her?
– Is it true love that I feel or is it a temporary feeling of infatuation?
– What do I have to pay attention to during the engagement period; what is really important?
– Am I mature for marriage?
– Can we be happy as a couple in ten, twenty, thirty years time? How?
– What - or Who - is the guarantee that we will be able to love each other in times of difficulty?

Hand in Hand is not a theoretical work but a workbook, a guideline which offers the reader lots of wise thoughts, questions, ideas to think about, practical advice and topics to talk about. A sincere sharing on these is extremely valuable and serious preparation for a healthy, good marriage and a happy family life which, instead of closing in a circle of two, „spirals out”.

The book is the summary of the author’s extremely rich experience in family pastoral work; useful for engaged couples and young married couples as well as for priests and lay Christians who work for engaged couples.


"God created man and woman to give meaning, life and love to the universe. He created marriage "to His image and likeness", and God is not a circle. He is the spiraling foundation of Life and Love.

The quest for happiness in marriage demands that you expand your vision and perspective beyond your marital relationships. You are challenged by today's society to stop being a selfish and isolated married couple. And you are called by the Creator to depart from your conjugal and family love, and go towards the universal love.

You, as a married couple, have been born to become a loving spiral of love!"

Gabriel Calvo

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