Self Encounter
by Gabriel Calvo

There are some difficult questions hidden deep in the heart of every human being: „Who am I?”„What am I here for?”„Does God exist?” „How can I find Him?”
These questions are as old as mankind. Millions of men and women have been faced with them throughout the ages. Many have sought and found the answers, many have not.

This brilliant book of self encounter by Fr Gabriel Calvo is for those who honestly want to find their answers to these great questions, whether they are young or elderly.

The author invites his readers to an exciting journey towards the deepest part of their being. Instead of giving his solutions, he encourages them to find their own answers by encountering themselves through answering simple questions. He accompanies them along the journey with wisdom, love and understanding. His questions are the gently challenging questions of an elder brother, who has suffered for, and found the answers in his own life.

„Fr Calvo, past his golden priestly anniversary, having given himself totally to the spiritual care of families, has summarized the experiences of a whole lifetime. He writes with such simplicity, transparency, with such insight of depths that only the wise have.”

Msgr László Bíró
Bishop for the Family
Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference

"God created man and woman to give meaning, life and love to the universe. He created marriage "to His image and likeness", and God is not a circle. He is the spiraling foundation of Life and Love.

The quest for happiness in marriage demands that you expand your vision and perspective beyond your marital relationships. You are challenged by today's society to stop being a selfish and isolated married couple. And you are called by the Creator to depart from your conjugal and family love, and go towards the universal love.

You, as a married couple, have been born to become a loving spiral of love!"

Gabriel Calvo

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