From Around the table by Gabriel Calvo

„There are twelve challenges to each Family – the Family meeting. Or, if you prefer, they are like twelve calls from God at the door of your home.
Are we going to meet these challenges?
Are we going to open our door to God?
Or are we going to find excuses once again, saying: We don’t have TIME?”

„Just as birds were born to fly and fish to swim, so we humans have been born to communicate. When we can’t do it, our personalities suffer and disintegrate. We can’t be islands...
If we don’t know how to communicate the little things of everyday life, how are we going to communicate the big and important things?”

„We all have made mistakes and carry feelings of guilt within us, which interfere with our family relationships and may cause hurts to other family members...
The first step toward true family intercommunication and relationship, then, is to effect a reconciliation between husband and wife, parents and children, and brothers and sisters.”

„There are unsuspected treasures of personal energy within each family member, which remain hidden for lack of timely communication and so are lost in the anonimity of the passing days, weeks, months, and years.”

„Often the goal of family unity appears as an impossible dream. What is missing? GOD! The answer is sharp and quick. For some the answer might be shocking. But that is the reality for many families in our time and age. Let’s search for God together, and we may find Him... at our HOME!”


"God created man and woman to give meaning, life and love to the universe. He created marriage "to His image and likeness", and God is not a circle. He is the spiraling foundation of Life and Love.

The quest for happiness in marriage demands that you expand your vision and perspective beyond your marital relationships. You are challenged by today's society to stop being a selfish and isolated married couple. And you are called by the Creator to depart from your conjugal and family love, and go towards the universal love.

You, as a married couple, have been born to become a loving spiral of love!"

Gabriel Calvo

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